Termite Control

Termites are insects which cause great damage to property. Wooden materials, be it your furniture or the wooden structure on which your house is constructed are equally vulnerable to termite attacks. Termites belong to the order ‘Isoptera’. They are also known as white ant because of their resemblance to ants in many respects. They have chewing mouthparts. Termites feed on wood, which is converted to cellulose in their body.

The protozoa living in the digestive tract of the termite convert the cellulose into various sugars. There are at least 2000 different species of termites. They live in colonies which may appear like a mound. Sometimes these mounds may reach up to a height of 40ft. Termites are social insects and live in large colonies or nests. The largest individual in the colony is the queen. The queen lays eggs. Sometimes she may lay thousand eggs in one day. A king is always present near the queen.

Other members of the colony have powerful jaws and a bulb-like head that sprays liquids. These members are called soldiers. The largest group that is present in the colony is the workers group. They build the nest, gather food and spend long hours serving the queen. Workers can be either male or female. Queens and kings can survive for decades and individual workers can live for several years.

Termites live in mud tubes so the presence of mud tubes near your home is the first sign of termites. Start looking for termites in places where wood meets soil. They feed on wood and prefer moist wood which is most likely to be present near the foundation of your house.

Termite infestation is also indicated by the tunneling in wood. Wooden structures become thin. They lose their strength and can be easily punctured. Damaged wood may show signs of darkening and blistering. Termites start eating into a small hole and get inside the wooden structure. Their next step is to make small tunnels. With time the tunnels become long and the damage increases. A termite damage in your home looks like a small animal making tunnels through the wood.

Another indication of termite damage is the hollow sound which is produced when the damaged wood is tapped. Sometimes a rough dusty material is found on the exterior of the damaged material. Termites leave behind droppings, discarded wings and cracked paint. If you spot any of these signs, you can be sure of the presence of termites. Just to make sure of the termite presence in your home you can refer to the internet and get pictures of termite damage.

Every responsible home owner should pay proper attention if you want to protect his property from termite damage. Termite treatment is essential if you want to keep your house safe from termite damage. You can take the help of termite control companies to prevent termite from destroying your property. If you prefer doing things in your own way, you can get rid of termites on your own by using powerful chemicals. However you need to keep your eyes open to any sign of termite infestation in an around your home. This is the first step towards termite control and is extremely effective when it comes to eliminating termites.

The presence of termites in your house can have devastating effects but if you eradicate them by the responsible use of termite eradication chemicals and products, you would have taken a major step in the protection of your property and everyone inside it. This elimination of termites can be performed by a professional, licensed termite control company by the use of control procedures.
This process, eliminate termite control, squarely aims at the eradication of termite colonies that have currently taken residence at the structure. The sooner you reach an infestation, the greater your chances of completely eradicating the termites and you can also get on with your program of prevention of future infestations quickly. This procedure usually involves spraying of chemicals that would kill the termites around the base of the structure in addition to the walls of the structure where the termites love to live.

Some of the steps you can do yourself include inspecting the foundations of your home for cracks or any other openings and sealing them with proper fillers and sealants to prevent the entry of termites into your home.

Search for places where the foundation of your house meets the soil and also for places where water collects near the wood. Termites like to feed on wet, wood damp and naturally tend to drift towards places where the wood happens to be weak and tunneling is easy for them. Use chemicals to from a protective barrier and seal places where water tends to seep beneath the house.
Eliminate termite control eradicates the termites which are already infesting your house, but to keep your house safe from future infestations, you need to take annual preventive treatments from a pest control company. You can eliminate all the termites in your house by yourself, but to prevent them from re-infesting, you need professional help. In the long run, this may work out cheaper than repeated infestations of termites and the corresponding costs of the required repairs.
One can never truly and completely eliminate the requirement of termite control. As a responsible owner of a property or a structure and as a responsible citizen, you need to really think about pests like these that take residence in the wood in your home and devastate it making it unsafe to inhabit. So take the necessary steps to eliminate termites and make your building safe and sound for everyone concerned.

Living in certain climates such as South Florida is great. It can also have its down side of high levels of certain types pests that live there also. We have termites that love it here also because of the abundant supply of wood and water. So we have had to learn to deal with them early on by different methods of pest control.

Historically, the only way of getting rid of termites was with the use of chemicals and toxic gases. Most of the fumigators would tent the house or business to kill them. They would also pump chemicals into the foundation and walls. The occupants of these areas had to vacate the premises for a few days till it was cleared to enter again.

Today, we have more environmentally friendly natural termite control methods. Recently, I was speaking to the owner of Alternative Termite Management, Steve Paige, of Hallandale Beach, Florida. He was telling me about their method of Natural Termite Control. He stated that you can use an “Electro Gun” and Borate Treatments to do the job for termite control. The “Electro Gun” uses high frequency and high voltage to kill the termites. Then they use Borates to treat the area, this prevents infestations in the future. The good thing is that people can still stay in the home and the costs are much lower than the traditional methods.

In conclusion, Natural Termite Control is good for the Environment. The use of the combination of the “Electro Gun” and Borates kills Termites the Green Way without contamination of the Environment. Borates is a natural product called Boron which is mined in Death Valley, California. There is a product in the grocery store which also uses Borates called “Twenty Mule Team Borax’. It does a good job cleaning clothes also. If you feel that a you have been affected by any Termite Control Product, consult with your Doctor immediately.


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