Termite Protection

Contrary to popular perception, you need not always depend on pest control experts for termite. If you are really serious about getting rid of termites, then there are many things that you can do in order to strengthen your first line of defense.

1. As a first step you will need to get rid of debris and try and keep your home clean. Take care to ensure that you do not store any debris made up of cardboard, paper or wood, either near or below your house. This is one effective termite method that can give almost instant results.

2. Termites are known to thrive in moisture. Eliminating moisture by proper ventilation and fixing problems such as leaking faucets, pipes and defective gutters is another thing that can help you get rid of these pests. You will also need to make sure that the draining system in your house is working properly.

3. Another simple termite protection tip is to ensure that you keep wooden items at least a few inches above ground. This way you reduce the chances of the wood attracting termites.

4. If you want to have plants or large trees around your house, you should make sure that they are located at some distance from the house. You must also take care to see that the wooden areas of your house are not touched by the branches of trees.

5. Another effective termite protection method is to use treated wood in your house.

6. Termite protection has got a lot to do with regular inspections too. Make sure you ask pest control experts to check your house at regular intervals of time. Early detection is the key to getting rid of termites and saving your wooden items.

The presence of termites in your house can have devastating effects but if you eradicate them by the responsible use of termite eradication chemicals and products, you would have taken a major step in the protection of your property and everyone inside it. This elimination of termites can be performed by a professional, licensed termite control company by the use of control procedures.
This process, eliminate termite control, squarely aims at the eradication of termite colonies that have currently taken residence at the structure. The sooner you reach an infestation, the greater your chances of completely eradicating the termites and you can also get on with your program of prevention of future infestations quickly. This procedure usually involves spraying of chemicals that would kill the termites around the base of the structure in addition to the walls of the structure where the termites love to live.

Some of the steps you can do yourself include inspecting the foundations of your home for cracks or any other openings and sealing them with proper fillers and sealants to prevent the entry of termites into your home.

Search for places where the foundation of your house meets the soil and also for places where water collects near the wood. Termites like to feed on wet, wood damp and naturally tend to drift towards places where the wood happens to be weak and tunneling is easy for them. Use chemicals to from a protective barrier and seal places where water tends to seep beneath the house.
Eliminate termite control eradicates the termites which are already infesting your house, but to keep your house safe from future infestations, you need to take annual preventive treatments from a pest control company. You can eliminate all the termites in your house by yourself, but to prevent them from re-infesting, you need professional help. In the long run, this may work out cheaper than repeated infestations of termites and the corresponding costs of the required repairs.
One can never truly and completely eliminate the requirement of termite control. As a responsible owner of a property or a structure and as a responsible citizen, you need to really think about pests like these that take residence in the wood in your home and devastate it making it unsafe to inhabit. So take the necessary steps to eliminate termites and make your building safe and sound for everyone concerned.

If you own a building or a home, you might want to know the right time to do a termite control so that your property and structure undergoes minimum damage. Most termites reproduce and lay eggs during spring unlike a lot of other animals. They lay eggs after burrowing into moist soil. Once the eggs are laid, they incubate till it is time to hatch. While the termites wait for their eggs to hatch, they work in and around your house in order to provide nourishment that their babies will require. So in case you are wondering which season to do termite control in, the answer is right before spring.

But that is only one answer. In reality, it is best to do termite control around the whole year, as this will prevent these creatures from going into the moist soil under your house at any time. Make a concrete plan to ensure they do not get under your house at all, after which you can exercise termite control around the year.

Once the weather becomes warmer and it begins to rain, you must pay close attention and be aware of the things happening in and under your house. There might be holes and leaks in your house that you never knew of. Discovering these defects in time can help you avoid a lot of problems at a later date.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the first places you should check, as these are the areas in which there is use for running water. Check the pipes running below your house and ensure that the wood and pipe fit tightly and that there is no water leak of any sort. If you locate any place through which water can leak or termites can enter, you need to plug them up immediately before any damage starts to happen.

Once you have checked your pipes, make a termite control plan and make a decision about inclusion or exclusion of chemicals. The best way to kill and keep away the termites is by using chemicals. Today, termite control chemicals are made in such a way that they are harmless to human beings and do not cause adverse effects due to their presence. If you are doubtful as to when you should do your termite control, the best thing to do is coincide the application of chemicals with the peak season when termites attack, which is early spring. Once you have established control, there is very less chance for any occurrence of a problem throughout the year.


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